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Don't stress about over treating heartworm disease, fleas or ticks on your pet, just prevent them!

Are you worried about you pet's health this flea and tick season? Want to learn how you can easily order your pet products online and get a year's supply for less than $100?

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Why Order from World Pet Express?

  1. Widest range of options available
  2. Secure website and payment processing
  3. Online support (via direct message or toll free phone) available 24/7 and friendly customer service team
  4. Save more and help prevent your pet from getting fleas, ticks, hookworm, parasites and more!
  5. Also products that help with joint health, arthritis and health supplements
  6. Generic versions are available so you can save even more on quality pet products
  7. Products available for all dog and cat breeds, including different sizes and ages of your pets
  8. Thousands of happy customers served over the years
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These products help prevent a a variety of pet issues such as heartworm's, flea's, tick's, hookworm's and parasites.

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